Samantha Poole is an award winning serial entrepreneur and social media expert, known for building successful online communities.

She currently has six startups under her belt and is the CEO and editor of print publication GoTo Magazine by Mum to Mum. She is the heart of her community in Milton Keynes, known as a hyperlocal influencer with over 30,000 members and followers in her network.

Seen as ‘one to watch’ Samantha went from nothing, following a difficult divorce to 6 revenue streams, quickly becoming an inspirational role model to other business owners in their approach to success. She prides herself on community building and has raised over £60,000 for charity since 2004. 

Having led several previous lives, Samantha is now a business owner and single mum to 2 boys. Coaching and a potential book are the next steps this mover and shaker is taking, in hopes of helping other startup’s and single parents have the strength to start over and thrive.