My Top 10 Tips to get the most out of Clubhouse App

So the new year gifted us a new app and this one is super exciting!

What is Clubhouse? The new community-building for virtual events, global networking and conversations.

“Clubhouse is an exclusive, invite-only audio app where participants can move around virtual rooms discussing business, entrepreneurship, arts and culture, from popular TV shows to the state of the music industry and big social media Influencers too.”

Like any new social media platform it takes time to get used to it… However as all you have to do is listen or talk, then it is by far the best, in my opinion. As you are getting to speak with some of the biggest names in the world! Rappers, Grant Cardone and even Paris Hilton jumps into rooms for a chat with everyone!

Within 4 days I have been a room host moderator, guest speaker, asked Daniel Priestley a question in a huge room and I am making the most amazing contacts! #IamAddicted


1. Do read the community guidelines (letter icon in top right corner) and google ‘clubhouse app’ as there are lots of blogs which have all the latest updates on the app! Get a feel for the app by listening in rooms, get a feel for the speakers, have a look at their bios and enjoy!

Clubhouse Town Hall

2. Listen to Clubhouse Town Hall on a Sunday at 5pm & follow the founders to keep updated … as it will be changing whilst in beta stage. Follow @paul and @rohan Switch the bell on when you tap their photo, so you are alerted when they go live. It was so refreshing to hear from the founders directly and know that they are actively looking at the users suggestions on how to make the App better!


3. Do your bio – add your links & first 3 lines are the most important. Think about who you would like to connect with – a bit like a dating bio. Add your Instagram & Twitter Links and grow your Insta account as well as your clubhouse account!

  • LOOK at other peoples bios for inspiration! I added ENFJ to mine as I would like to connect to other ENFJ personality members.


4. Everything is searchable in your bio – Even emojis – Changing your @ handle makes you more searchable, but you can only change this once! – So search for the people you want to follow / connect with too.


5.Press the ‘hands up’ to join the stage (you have to do this when the room is asked to do to if it is a big group – You can control is as a moderator too)

Never be scared to put your hand up and get on that stage! Say yes then go for it – ask questions – share your story – become BFF’s with your favorite moderators too lol!

  • Ignore your beating chest and just go for it! This goes after you have spoken a few times and the hosts have all been nice and friendly so far.


6. Press mute when you join the stage!!! ( they are looking to automatically mute)


7. Learn how to clap – Clap when you like what people say!
Hit your mic button on & off when you are a speaker on the stage.


8. Follow the people in the rooms that you like… but do not ‘follow for follow’ to grow your followers quickly. This platform is not like Instagram and they do not want people to be judged on the number of followers they have!

  • Also do not follow too many as you will end up in #FOLLOWERJAIL
    They have standard rate limits and they keep changing them as they do not want this to be an ‘Influencer’ platform. Do not follow everyone and anyone to make sure you can get the best experience at the beginning whilst you find your feet.

HOST & Moderate

9. If you are used to hosting events or speaking on stage – Then own your stage and Start your own group. Collaborate with another speaker / speakers to make it more interesting and to reach a bigger audience.

Start a room – edit the title and invite some friends.

Start a club @

  • You have to apply to run a club but it is worth it is you already have a brand that you would like to secure the same name on clubhouse.


10, Be careful who you invite into the club – If they get blocked – You get blocked! Invitations are rare so use them wisely. Yes you can block people!

We don’t control who joins – YOU do! Invite the right people.

@paul clubhouse 2021

MUST NOT DO… Do not record!


1. This app has already been valued at £100,000,000

2. Has 1 million users now!

3, It started from an idea – Dream Big & Go Big or go home!

I hope you found this useful – Check out my blog for some more #TopTips and see you in the Clubhouse @StrategySam

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